The Michigan Higher Education Partnership is a unique panel of business, government and college/university leaders working to boost the economic contributions of the Michigan higher education sector. It is a voluntary partnership designed to facilitate greater collaboration between and among Michigan business, government and higher education institutions that leads to state and individual economic and social prosperity.

The Michigan Higher Education Partnership Council consists of five member organizations:

Business Leaders for Michigan

  • J. Patrick Doyle, President & CEO, Domino’s
  • Blake W. Krueger, Chairman of the Board, CEO & President, and Director, Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
  • Miles E. Jones, Co-Chairman, Dawn Food Products, Inc.

Michigan Association of State Universities

  • Daniel J. Hurley, CEO, Michigan Association of State Universities
  • Dr. Glenn D. Mroz, President, Michigan Technological University

Michigan Community College Association

  • Mike Hansen, President, Michigan Community College Association
  • Dr. Timothy R. Meyer, Chancellor, Oakland Community College

Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities

  • Robert LeFevre, President, Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities
  • Dr. Richard J. Pappas, President, Davenport University

Office of the Governor

  • John Walsh, Director of Strategy, Office of the Governor


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